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Welcome to Rook Outdoors

Updated: Nov 9, 2020

First and foremost, I would like to thank you for taking the time to visit this site and open our first blog post. Rook Outdoors has been in process of development since July of 2019. Through the year, I have thought long and hard on the best way to convey our message. The ethos of Rook Outdoors is to create a community of avid outdoorsman and outdoorswomen that share the beliefs that we have regarding conservation, community, and values. All the while providing a quality product that is competitive in price and unique from others in the marketplace.

I would also like to take the time in this initial blog post to identify myself to you. I grew up in a south suburb of Chicago Illinois called Steger, my family still resides at that same address. Fishing is one hobby that everyone in our family continues to engage in if you happen to find yourself around Rend Lake during either Labor Day or Memorial Day weekend you might stumble across us. Carrying on a 50-year tradition of family gatherings with good food, laughs, and a lot of fishing. As a matter of fact if you find yourself on the waters during those weekends you might find that same red and black champion boat cruising the waters early in the morning (at this point I think he just keeps it for the nostalgia). My first passion however is bow hunting whitetail deer in the fall, there is something about being in the stand all day waiting on the right buck and hoping the conditions play in your favor for those few seconds of action. Every human emotion takes place in those few seconds from questioning yourself if you have prepared enough as a marksmen to place the correct shot, to the doubt of the shot upon release, to the joy of the harvest, or the agony of defeat.

This is the reason we decided to name the company Rook Outdoors and why the company logo resembles the rook of a chess board. At the end of the day being outdoors is the ultimate chess match in which you can prepare or attempt to account for every factor but ultimately you are the rook on the board. A powerful piece of the equation and by mastering your craft, overcome many of the obstacles presented to you. I am truly humbled and thank you from the bottom of my heart for allowing me to welcome you to the Rook Outdoor family.


Ryan Lobue

Founder and CEO of

Rook Outdoors LLC.


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